Pushing his way through advance Oragami,

  • Pushing his way through advance Oragami, he was able to make folds in space and time. He could open a door and pick up some milk in his pajamas, Problems occured with distance.

  • When he folded the space between his bedroom wall & the upstair neighbors so when he opened his wardrobe in the morning it was midnight in their bedroom & they were making whoopie

  • . He stepped into the room and grimaced at the sounds and smells that assaulted him. His neighbors were disgusting. They were engaged in all manner of depraved acts. He felt sick.

  • He couldn't stand it anymore. How could anyone live like this, he thought, he lay back in his bed and tried to get a good sleep.

  • Dr. Chillbot wanted to "live" life, but motivation was a bummer. His wife was always busy. Just knowing her made him tired. Day-old Pizza, that's what Dr. Chillbot wanted and

  • was amazed to discover a pizzeria in the papers that advertised this feature. The cold pizza was a "hot" seller, and Dr. Chillbot treated himself to try some to his satisfaction.

  • Cold pizza, warm beer and "O" on the TV. Had he slipped and hit his head? Dr. Chillbot was surprised at the satisfaction he felt and was not to be denied these new

  • combinations of pleasures. High-brow French art-porn and "Trailer Park Cuisine" were just what the doctor (himself) ordered. Dr. Chillbot belched as he watched the bound woman

  • Spontaneously combust. The doctor enjoyed the smell of the freshly cooked human. Suddenly a huge whale penis dropped from the sky trapping the doctor. "What the hell?" He said.

  • Al Roker popped his head around the corner & helped the doctor up. "Strange weather we've been having lately," he said. "Now here's what's happening in your neck of the woods."



  1. PurpleProf Feb 09 2014 @ 03:07

    The doctor should have stuck with the origami.

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