Dinky was sick and tired of that attention

  • Dinky was sick and tired of that attention hog Roro getting all the strokes. Just cause he, Dinkinarius Dougle Dawg made a mess with the clothes hamper and ate the

  • bus pass. Roro kept thinking of ways to tell Dinkinarius Dougle Dawg that his girlfriend, Chlamydia was really Dinkys twin sister. Even though they all had slept together. Christma

  • s was becoming so commercial. Roro dropped his friends and moved to Paris to live out the pathetic fantasy he'd always repressed to make his wife happy. Now he had more brie

  • than bravado, and what was bravado worth anymore? Roro sat outside the Brasserie Simenon and watched the happy tourists go by in a very blue Parisian evening. All was lost, no r

  • omance for him with a Parisian lover with a short temper & a love of radishes. Roro ordered a Ricard & a dish of radishes to rub salt in the wound. Just then, wobbling along on the

  • Champs-Élysées came a grubby urchin boy, riding a stolen bicycle and smoking a Gauloises. "Give me one of those radishes off your plate!" he demanded of Roro, who instantly smacked

  • the filthy gamin. "Sacré bleu!" shouted Roro. "Let me smoke in peace, and not in'ale your disgusting second-'and smoke, dirty orphan." The American tourists nearby were appalled,

  • Having been at the nudist colony for three years, undisturbed. Roro was an expert on this subject and infiltrated the network of Dr. Hsfjfgphz"s philtyologists. They were paid.

  • There was very little room between what they did & what a prostitute did. So little in fact that they could charge 10 times more than the prostitutes. Because they were tax payers.

  • And tax payers always had the last laugh on the deviants of society. Like how it usually goes in these sort of stories, they rose to fame and fortune soon after.



  1. Woab Nov 08 2017 @ 11:47

    This would be a comforting read on tax day.

  2. SlimWhitman Nov 10 2017 @ 17:20

    The inspiration for my fold? The real Dinky & Roro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPbRyVUGoX0

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