he was a carpenter.

  • he was a carpenter.

  • He built a small home for himself out of balsa wood and floated down the river.

  • He was Jiminy Clemens, house boat captain, and later penned such classics as "A Connecticut Caterpiller in Queen Anthill's Court". Jiminy Clemens met boatmen bugs on their way to

  • Ramagadillas. He never knew of such island but it was a risk as he would found something that rest would have never thought off.

  • Eventually his crew arrived in the midst of a pacific archipelago. Ramagadillas was a small island, but the captain had found a secret there that was too important to entrust to

  • mere humans. The island was covered in the ruins of an ancient unknown civilization. The iconography include depictions of men with their worldly possessions balanced on their he

  • ads, and smacked boards against their heads, like Monks from a movie, "Monty Python." They did something that the Starseeds did not enjoy, and the Gods were very angry. In abrutn

  • Ess only matched by John Cleese, the Monty Pythons entered the room and wrote their next skit, "How to elect a twit". Shark Lady was watching and was thrown out by Det. Manatee.

  • One by one, everybody was thrown out except John Cleese and Det. Manatee. Manatee had no idea how to do improvisation, so Cleese kicked him out, too, and began to macarena on the

  • top of a boat dock. Each time he did a little hop and turn, he slapped Det. Manatee with a fish. Mr. Manatee concluded that John Cleese was far too silly. Case closed.



  1. SlimWhitman Mar 30 2017 @ 01:44

    I like how the journey magically ends on a boat docking with John Cleese slapping Detective Manatee's hiney with a fish (called Wanda?) And mark my words, Manatee's have hineys for did they not strike seductive poses to lure ancient mariners to their death?

  2. Woab Mar 30 2017 @ 15:51

    I like that there is a boat near the beginning, and at the end there is a dock.

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