If yuo cna raed tihs, yuo'er smrater tahn

  • If yuo cna raed tihs, yuo'er smrater tahn teh avreage humna.

  • "Confound it!" I muttered to myself dusting off the ancient hieroglyphs. They were using a code not found on any Rosetta Stone. I scribed in my note book, "Thsi be teh tmob of knig

  • Oyzamniads. Loko no ym wrsko ye mgihty adn dsepira!" I stared at the inscription transcribed in my notebook. "There's no way I can decipher this!" I thought, "I'm going to have to

  • get my super secret decoder ring back from that son of a bitch, Ralphie. I looked at the transcription again. "Loko no ym wrsko ye mgihty adn dsepira." Perhaps the power of

  • getting hammered will help me unlock the secrets.I opened my flask and took a swig, "Look, on, my, sorwk banana!" that's not right, I looked again, Loko no ym ye mgihty adn dsepira

  • naaalteee.Itzuummgoood Nowhutameen? Hmmm. That didn't come out right. Why are they all dancing around like that? Tellmeesummpinseecret & you kenhaveapull, yeah?

  • Hey leggoahmahair! What were they doing? I tried to walk off. Backoffbeezus. Heywatsabigidear dongothrowinmeoutta here. Jushavina lilsip ... yawanna trysum? *Belch*

  • I found my legs had turned to jelly, which was actually quite amusing. I sat poking them to see if they would jiggle, giggling like a 12 year old while I sat outside in the cold.

  • Golden boots suddenly appeared and they fit.

  • "What's that got to do with anything?" I wailed. I shook my head in resignation, shuffling slowly down Nowhere Lane, dragging my feet due to the enormous weight of the golden boots



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