If I don't wake up on time,

  • If I don't wake up on time,

  • I’ll think to myself, “Screw it. The Man says I’ll get a better job 3 years down the road; I’m going back to College. I’m dreaming. I’m on her bed; she comes out of the shower nude

  • I was really into this dream. She climbed into bed. She took my face in both hands & peppered me with kisses. Her other hands start cranking the bed's nails up. One did puncture my

  • groin but, somehow, I didn't feel it at all. What I did feel, however, was her saliva dripping down to my sheets. I really wanted her, but every time I dreamt about her, all I

  • could think about was all the saliva that she exuded in that private moment, which I found repulsive no matter how beautiful her scent and smile and movements and radiant beauty. S

  • ure, i loved all kinds of fluids that came out of a beautiful lady, but this was definitely too much. The saliva had formed a little puddle at her feet. A small dog came running up

  • & barked excitedly at the geyser cascading out of the lady's mouth. She tried to squeeze her lips shut, but the spit pressure created a steady outpour of Niagara proportions. Then

  • a huge meteor crashed down to the earth, killing everyone instantly. The dog and the lady were both vaporized, but in the afterlife, they were back to normal. No more of this stuff

  • About prejudice towards the love they shared. In death they could live freely, unbound from the chains of repression. They headed towards the only afterlife market they could find

  • , which they saw from the neon sign outside was named “Afterlife Market.” They entered & got pissed. It was the only store in the afterlife, & prices were outrageous. Death sucked.



  1. LordVacuity May 14 2020 @ 01:19

    "Cause I owe my soul to the company store ... " https://voca.ro/j2oQovEFko2

  2. Jimbeau May 14 2020 @ 13:55

    Afterlife price gouging. Only in America.

  3. BlastedHeath May 17 2020 @ 15:12

    "Gonna owe my soul to the company store and ride till I can't no more"

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