He'd never gone for low hanging fruit like

  • He'd never gone for low hanging fruit like the rest of the Dusters. Elitism. Strict and impeccable. He'd commanded T7's in the wake of Event Horizons harvesting Nardox Radiat

  • ion for highest paying customer. Usually it was one of the sentient flux waves inhabiting the dark matter islands near the m80 cloud. They gave him the creeps but he needed his fix

  • of narrow oddities discribed by masculine figures of an extemporaneous H. The rabbit stared towards the dark matter islands and knew before the scientists the flux was an ill omen.

  • It darted forward anyways.It slammed a high acceleration ellipse and began a jinking movement, whipping past fawning, beseeching dark matter to disengage anti-matter clusters.

  • With darting eyes the pilot watched the craft intently, making small flicking motions with his fingers. It was a delicate business piloting these craft. One never knew when

  • a giant enemy crab, whose pincers are so long it can reach aircraft in the sky, might appear. The pilot continued flicking, pushing and sliding things on his control pad.

  • The pilot didn't know he was just a test crash dummy. The plane's controls had no more effect than an elevator's close button. Pincers of the giant enemy crabs haunted the twilight

  • his plane was trapped in. As he frantically pushed the cannon buttons in vain, the giant crabs closed in. The crash test managers laughed at the scene unfolding on their screens

  • and started placing bets on which crab would reach him first.Just when the first crab touched the end of the cannon BOOM!! He matched the code and blew the sea floor to pieces. His

  • enormous tumour pulsed with excitement. He had cancer. Terminal.



  1. grok May 08 2015 @ 14:48

    Just noticed this story has a two-year gap in it! How do you recover these old folds? Is there a trick to reverse the ordering? I tried clicking "More" for half an hour, and it seems hard work...

  2. Benwicky May 08 2015 @ 15:16

    I like to see things finished and hate to see a good story start languish, so most of my folds come from the dormant section. From ADD in the side bar you can sort sort the stories. If you like old sort by dormant and the oldest appear first, newest apear last. With 495 pages there are a lot! If you have a penchant for getting things done go for almost finished.

  3. grok May 08 2015 @ 16:30

    Gee, thanks. Never noticed you could click the CREATE ADD READ. It was probably banner blindness with those huge capital letters. Alright then, I'll have a look at those dormant stories.

  4. SlimWhitman May 08 2015 @ 18:07

    This has got to be one of the longest completion times for a story - nearly 4 years!. Another hint about hidden links: if you click on "top stories this month" just below READ, you get - surprise - the top stories this month in order of totaled likes. But wait, there's more... You can sort in different ways, you can also show top stories today, this week, month or... all - which gives you the "all time" top stories. Ofcourse things shift around as likes accumulate. The "search" function next to the "home" at the very top is useful for searching for published folds containing some text. Say you want all folds with "giant crabs", enter the phrase (with quotes). If you leave out the quotes you get all folds containing both "giant" and "crabs". Have fun, and by the way welcome here to both of you!

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