"The poor little waif. He has no home. Bring

  • "The poor little waif. He has no home. Bring him in here and get him something warm to eat." The waif, very thankful for her hospitality, went inside and stood by the fire.

  • That's when the wife saw what was burning in the fire. A twisted, wrenched, charred skull was being stamped on my murderous flames. The waif recognized the gap in the teeth.

  • Could it be???? The gap in the teeth.... it was just like the gap in HER TEETH!! She looked in the mirror and saw only a skull with glasses and hair. SHE WAS DEAD ALL ALONG!!

  • And she was totally pulling it off. That rouge with those horn rimmed glasses perfectly complemented her pale skull. She just needed a good outfit and this skeleton would find

  • someone more than willing to jump her bones. The skeleton woman (as evidenced by her small rib cage and larger pelvic bones) tried a push-up bra, but there wasn't anything to push

  • Onto her. They needed a floor model immediately. This was an emergency! The costumes were populating the pop up store for Halloween some three years later. The employees looked

  • to the statuesque Gabrielle, who was the only one who would not look grotesque in the borg queen costume. Nobody would buy it without seeing it on a mannequin so they made her pose

  • as Madonna in Vogue, as Alexander Hamilton in the musical, twerking like Miley and sitting in the toilet. They put the pictures in the catalogue and hoped for the best.

  • 2016 picked up the catalogue his staff had left on his desk. These represented the nightlies of potential influential people that he needed to kill. He was tired of musicians so he

  • gathered his guns, silencers and all, found the listed foes and offed them all while they slept. Then discovered his own name on his list . Ready, Aim, Fire!



  1. LordVacuity Sep 27 2016 @ 12:15

    Damn 2016, you cray cray!

  2. LordVacuity Sep 27 2016 @ 12:18

    I know 2016 has had a big influence on me. It was the year I found foldingstory.com.

  3. Woab Sep 28 2016 @ 10:35

    You and me too, old pal.

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