The Government was shut down today. Let the

  • The Government was shut down today. Let the anarchy begin! Step 1. Prank call NASA. Houston you have a problem. 2. Night at the Museum. Party at the Smithsonian. 3 Vandalize the

  • National Bonsai & Penjing Museum. 4 Eat all the free samples at Chocolate Mousse 5. Try to steal the 2 headed chick @Red Palace (that's what got me in trouble, I was looking for

  • Red Robin, but I no spell good), 6. Shake the hand of every NCAA mascot in a single season 7. Eat 20 Lego heads before needing to leave a stool sample with my doctor 8. call into a

  • nother dimension using black magic and future technology. 9) Eat just one. 10) Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake my booty. 11) Fold a fitted sheet properly. 12) Bide my t

  • ime. 13) Find the one armed man. 14) Eat a triscuit. 15) Travel around a 15 mile square in Yugoslavia. These were just a few of the things I had to do before I died.. Soon, I found

  • the 1-armed man,in Yugoslavia of all places AND (you guessed it) he was holding a box of Triscuits. It didn't appear that he was willing to give me one.I'd have to fight him for it

  • but I'm a lover not a fighter. How could I love this Slav out of his triscuits? First, I wished for his pure, unbridled happiness which was a total mistake because

  • the fuzzy feelings I'd induced made the Slav scoff the triscuits even faster! "I love you, Mr Slav!" I hugged him tight, interpolating my mouth between his head and his hand holdin

  • -g a delicious triscuit at the ready for consumption. Mr. Slav shoved me away. "You are confusing love with animal lust," he mumbled while inserting more triscuits into his mouth.

  • "Nobody understood love for eons. But then quantum physics was invented, and it all made sense." I slapped the box of triscuits out of his hands, said "I never loved you!"



  1. MangoMania Jul 18 2014 @ 09:43

    I had forgotten about the government shutdown. Thank you folding story for allowing past me to teach current me history.

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