Yesterday I believed in science. Today,

  • Yesterday I believed in science. Today, I believe in

  • the stock market. What difference does it make that we understand who we are or where we come from if we can't gamble it all and have some fun with all our hard earned money, and

  • besides, I pay taxes. Feeling somewhat belittled, I went over to the local skating rink and watched the rookie hockey player from Russia. Watching him made me

  • think that Russians make good hockey players. Second only to Canada. The goalie stopped a good trick-shot and the Russian laughed in glee as if someone had given him 100 year old

  • sauerkraut. The stench was unbelievable - even to his not-good-as-a-Canadian Russian hockey player's broken nose. He sat there holding the sauerkraut not know what the polite thing

  • one might say about such a side dish. Does one compliment its acidity while clumsily dropping it onto the floor? Do they sneeze in it and blush as it's discarded? Sauerkraut can

  • be many things to many people, depending on the strength of an individual's imagination and well... kink. Let's face it, not all uses of sauerkraut are pure. In fact, I liked to

  • watch my husband swim in it, while I ate a bratwurst. My husband and I loved Germany after all.

  • That was before we realized that what we thought was Germany was Romania. We are total Geography dunces. That was because we were traumatized by

  • Chilean atlas salesmen in our youth. They would enter our homes at night, inverting any maps on the walls & changing our globes from north to south. Is it any wonder we meander?



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