I have recently noticed that some Folders

  • I have recently noticed that some Folders are using Shark Lady, Det. Manatee, and Mrs. Quackenbush as characters in a trifle many (did I just use an oxymoron?) folds..any others?
  • I believe there are a few old underdogs, though only a few people know of them. There is Jakob, the Jewish refugee, Souperwoman, Dr.Moodle. Any other FS characters?
  • Slappy the Mad Clown, Custer, Mrs. McGurk, the Asian woman. And all of the writers here are all subject to characterization. "Why do you ask?" The PurpleProf asked. The little boy
  • picked a gigantic boogie out of his nose & wiped it on LucieLucie's designer jeans, ignoring the Purple Prof completely. "LL, what is a Cleveland steamer?" LL poked Jimbeau in the
  • chest (which seemed suspiciously gooshy, but it turned out he had spilled some mustard on it at lunch). But neither Jimbeau or Flopp would admit to knowing what a Cleveland Steamer
  • was, or a Nebulous Battleship. Jimbeau and Flopp were beginning to wonder where they could turn to have all these strange new terms defined. An Untimely Jubilee? A Flubbering
  • Fete? A Bereavement Blowout? A Chuckle Farm? A Raisin of Doubt? Flammable Thoughts? Wordgasm? Blubbersniping? Constipated Bucketlist? Woab & Purpleprof took a stab at defining
  • Some modern day versions of slogans that could be used to sell their home brewed IPA. It needed a catchy name, if John Mackey was to approve it for sale at whole foods market. Thus
  • the Search for Authenticity began in earnest. The slogans must be hip, hep, and happening. Their IPA's success as a Whole Foods product would be defined by these new slogans.
  • Inspiration struck Julia in the depths of her brooding over the Brooklyn skyline. "Chum," she said, a whisper at first. Then, louder, "Chum! We'll call it...Chum."


  1. LordVacuity Oct 04 2017 @ 10:07

    It ain't ham if it ain't Chum.

  2. Jimbeau Oct 05 2017 @ 13:24

    Chum chuminey, chum chuminey, chum chum chum-BAM, a chum isn't chum, if a chum isn't HAM.

  3. LordVacuity Oct 05 2017 @ 14:27

    I got the quote completely wrong. "If you ain't eating WHAM, you ain't eating ham."

  4. Woab Oct 05 2017 @ 16:19

    Of course. Wasn't WHAM a 1980's band? And they were hams, I seem to recall, through the viscous haze of my memory.

  5. Woab Oct 05 2017 @ 16:20

    It don't mean a damn if it aint got that WHAM!

  6. Flopp Oct 07 2017 @ 12:14

    Haha actually, I already knew what a cleveland steamer was

  7. PurpleProf Oct 07 2017 @ 21:40

    Flopp, that is one of many bizarre tidbits I've picked up on FS over the years... Always something new to learn. Ha!!!

  8. SlimWhitman Oct 27 2017 @ 09:34

    Isn't that a song by a Band named "Cleveland Steamroller"?

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