Grade a paper, take a sip of merlot, check

  • Grade a paper, take a sip of merlot, check FoldingStory. Grade a paper, take a sip of merlot, check FoldingStory. Grade a paper, take a sip of merlot, then another sip, check

  • reddit, refill wine glass. Grade half a paper, take 3 large gulps of merlot, check FoldingStory, then Facebook. Grade another 1/4 paper, check reddit, FS, FB, refill wine glass.

  • Finally get out of bed to go lay on the couch & dump wine on stack of ungraded papers. Give pupils 0 pts for not handing in assignment. Check reddit. Elon Musk drove circles around

  • Bob Muske, Jr. Even though Jr. had the calling of the Real estate industry is deeply rooted in his lineage. Muske, Jr. guzzled the wine and decided to get his revenge on Elon.

  • As a realtor, Muske Jr knew that the sweetest revenge he could wreak on Elon was to sell his house without Elon's knowledge. The day a family of 4 arrived at his house with

  • a murder of crows was the day Elon converted to Jennerism. The family's move in was not the reason for his conversion it just happened on the same day. In fact, with all the

  • Jennerists out there, it was no surprise fitness places appeared like rabbits out of hats. The Minister of Information even said, "Fitness begets survival in times of nuclear war."

  • No-one had any idea what the hell that meant. But Kailyn Jenner and Ellen DeGeneres found some sort of meaning as their eyes met over the punchbowl at the charity ball. Sparks flew

  • when Portia DeRossi arrived, demanding to know why Kaitlyn Jenner was making goo-goo eyes at Ellen. Before she could reply, Portia shoved Kaitlyn’s face into the punch bowl. Ellen

  • gasped in shock and cut to commercial break. Off in the distance a thunderous rumbling could be heard, the hoofs of the approaching Kardashian sisters...and they were mad as hell.



  1. TarotGuy Jun 16 2018 @ 19:38

    Love that ending, ValkyrieGirl! Welcome to the Fold!

  2. TarotGuy Jun 16 2018 @ 19:41

    ValkyrieGrrl: Sorry I misspelled your handle in my previous comment. The type size on the web page is a bit small for my aging eyes. Again, welcome!

  3. BlastedHeath Jun 16 2018 @ 22:27

    Those poor students at the bottom of the stack =O (writing as someone who used to drink two bottles of red a night)

  4. SlimWhitman Jun 17 2018 @ 03:23

    And teacher's fave gets not a twinkly star but a big blush red circle...

  5. PurpleProf Jun 25 2018 @ 19:46

    Actually, my students are hoping their papers are at the bottom. The longer I go, the easier (they say) I grade. I dunno. Twinkly stars would be better.

  6. ValkyrieGrrl Jun 28 2018 @ 05:08

    Thank you TarotGuy for the warm welcome and compliments! I just stumbled on this site in my never ending search (it seems) to find a place where I can let loose my creative demons so to speak. And voila! I found FoldingStory. What a win for me and a great gnashing of teeth and renting of the garments for y'all! Oh well! I kid. Thank you for your welcome and I hope I don't screw it up. ;-)

  7. Woab Jul 13 2018 @ 11:59

    All right! We scored 100 on this!

  8. BlastedHeath Jul 13 2018 @ 12:52


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