The bastards from the South had come and

  • The bastards from the South had come and gone. All we had to show for it was a funeral pyre adrift on an splenetic sea. We watched our matriarch of Horn and Ice sink, extinguished.

  • Priincess Christina was crying on the outside but scheming on the inside. She had waited 50 years for the old bitch to die. The first thing to do was assemble the armies and head

  • Honcho Pancho Nacho Villa de los Salsa Caliente. Princess Christina pulled up her dress showing her hot tamale . This was the signal for the Tortilla Rebellion to begin, Pancho Nac

  • ho loaded his salsa gun with some fresh tomatoes, an onion, & a bit of cilantro, then took aim and let fire. The Tortilla Raiders never had a chance. Drenched in acidic sauce, they

  • choked on acid reflux and died. Nope. Not even the huge, purple Nexium dancing around could save them. The dancing Nexium then

  • went to Hollywood, where it starred in a remake of 'Gentleman Prefer Blondes'. The critics hated it. "This giant, dancing Nexium in a blonde wig is no Marilyn Monroe" one wrote

  • Completely missing the fact that the Nexium had been playing the Rosalind Russel role. Still the criticism was repeated over and over and made the Nexium upset. In Capt. Bloodstain

  • Meets the Flintstones, the eponymous Capt. Bloodstain visits Wilma and Betty once a month, but in this very special episode, he pays his last ever visit to them both. Needless to

  • say and we won't mention it again. This was a blow to Pebbles's plan to get pregnant at the same time as her mother. It was a new fad going through the twentysomethings of Bedrock.

  • She wanted so badly to be like the others (and their mothers), and yet no matter how hard she tried she could not have a child of her own. She could only watch her sister’s birth.



  1. Woab Jul 03 2021 @ 12:48

    What a sad ending, blixa, to an otherwise hysterical tale. LV's line slayed me.

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