"Ya wanna go to cheeky Nandos with the lads

  • "Ya wanna go to cheeky Nandos with the lads after school?" Sean asked me excitedly. I blinked slowly. "No." "Come on lad, it'll be a jolly good time!" "No."

  • "Very well" Sean said to me before him and the lads merked me. "We'll have a cheeky nandos without you." I fell to the ground and

  • didn't get up until the guys were heading off. Then I rather cheekily told Sean where he could stuff his Nandos, because tonight that joint just wouldn't cut it.

  • Sean wasn't impressed, so he picked up his Nandos and followed the other guys out. I stood there for a moment, wondering if maybe I should have said that differently. Oh well,

  • well is all that well ends. Sean wasn't impressed because he was dead.

  • But he wasn't unimpressed either because, well... He was dead. Sean lacked so many emotions, in his corpse-like state, that even Pythagoras thought maybe he was angling for a react

  • -ion from his highly emotional girlfriend Flo, who was also dead. Sean's stony, decaying face would enrage her, but only deep down inside. "Does this casket make my butt look big?"

  • Flo 's five cats were relieved she was dead. Alleyoop, Dudley, Winnie, Koupur and Ashley were fed by the building janitor, who had a key to the flat. He also cleaned it up. The cat

  • in the hat would drop by every once in a while to chill with them. He was always packing some serious pharmaceutical strength Cat Nip and those days went down smooth. Who's Flo?

  • ,he mused, phasing in and out of the space time continuum until at last he and the Cheshire cat unified. Their unique smile leaving all involved with jumbled memories.



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