Angry. Wet. Two loaded Twin-kegs-Fifties.

  • Angry. Wet. Two loaded Twin-kegs-Fifties. Rain beat down on her as she moved through fowl dense jungle.

  • The chickens were thick in this part of Kentucky. And the turkeys. Don't even get me started on the turkeys. The rain came harder. She pressed into the ever denser Kentuckan jungle

  • wishing she had put whiskey and water into her canteen. Humm, if whickey cant cure it then there is no cure, she thought

  • even her thoughts were becoming slurred. She took another swig from the canteen and thought, "the cures worse'na disease". Just then Yogi the Bear showed up wearing a Welicious

  • thong, minus the 'ong,' if you can imagine. Which she, quite frankly, probably was. "Whaddaya shut your fashe," she slurred, as she tossed the canteen

  • into the garbage. Disgusted at the fact that she did not recycle it you exclaim to her about environmental standards and how

  • polar bears are growing scales because they have no land to stand on, she will turn to you and say, "Not it!" And then you are "it." She's slippery and elusive so I can never

  • understand what the hell is going on. So i just play along and run after her, and suddenly I find a scaled polar bear, and I'm like "WHOA!"

  • "What is that?!?" It was HUGE, and the hard, bone-like scales trailed over it's mutated body. It turned to me, focusing it's bleary yellow eye on my own fearfull blue ones. How was

  • I supposed to end this beast? I danced with it for a little while around an animated ballroom whilst a little teapot sang a song about time. Then I, in tears, gave it the bullet.



  1. SlimWhitman Feb 03 2012 @ 08:28

    Kentucky Whickey, Kentuckan Jungle? 'ongs & scaled Polar bears? This story abounds with invented language. Like it do I.

  2. 49erFaithful Feb 03 2012 @ 11:52

    There's a fowl stench in that Kentuckan Jungle. Deciphering the source is complex.

  3. SlimWhitman Feb 03 2012 @ 12:09

    It may taste like chicken, but the smell ? We'll have to beat through the plumage to find the source :-)

  4. buddyboy4711 Feb 04 2012 @ 00:17

    fowl dense is pretty clucking dense, man.

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