You were reading this sentence when you suddenly

  • You were reading this sentence when you suddenly decided that you would add a sentence or two to it!

  • Meta fiction! (You think.) One to get the old gray matter bubbling. You march off and sharpen five cedar pencils made by the Blackfeet Tribe and a ream of foolscap. But how to sta

  • ve off Pseudo-Dostoevsky, his creditors, and his pack of #2 Mohawk pencils? In a vision, a Blackfoot Elder tells you to set alight a cedar pencil with some sage to prevent

  • embezzlement spirits from inhabiting his business ledger. He tallied up with burning pencil tips. The graphite formed icosohedral cages around the decimals that didn't add up.

  • The Graphite then began to reconcile the accounts by checking each amount on the ledger against the bank statement. As soon as the decimals were accounted for they were released

  • because I am a catch and release Dewy Decimal hunter. It's really the awesome forests of the libraries that I enjoy. My fingers are calloused from index cards. The library of

  • endless night is a hard place to survive, especially as the bookworms can grow to look like dragons, but I survive, burning pulp fiction for warmth and raiding the cafeteria for

  • leftovers. Getting locked in this huge building alone was not on my list. My phone was dead, the power was out anyway. How long can I go without

  • finding something to eat. I've been in here for

  • who knows how long. Suddenly, I find myself wishing I was home.



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