Inicio: Viaje exploratoria aplicaciones tecnológicas. Reflexión

  • Inicio: Viaje exploratoria aplicaciones tecnológicas. Reflexión sobre los modos en que construimos conocimiento.

  • "Cuando tenemos conversaciones sobre la epistemología, que no producen Corona. Ve a trabajar", dijo el jefe. "No hay cerveza, no hay trabajo", respondió el proletariados.

  • "No hay verguenza en esta tua cara que la rompo con un sopapo si no vas a trabajar!"El jefe cerro la puerta e saco de la nevera una Corona piensando cuantas garrafas el cabrón iria

  • was what the short order chef mumbled as Jack Tripper tried to save Mr. Angelino's restaurant when Larry had the incredible audacity to

  • ask Minga to be hostess. "That woman is the most ungrateful, uncaring, emotionless woman and you want HER to save the ship?" Angelino's daughter thought privately. What about

  • Tabitha? She knew a model shipbuilder, maybe she'd save the sinking cruise. Tabby was in the lounge."I didn't so much experiment with women at uni as I had a bout with lezpolepsy."

  • "And how does that make you feel?" Asked her psychologist. "I don't know said Tabby," said Tabby. "Do you often talk about yourself in the 3rd person?" The boat continued sinking

  • at an alarming pace into the kiddy pool. It was then Tabby's psychiatrist realized that this experiment wouldn't stop her third person narration. In fact it was contagious; all the

  • stories randomly changed from first person to third person. She gasped in horror as the newsreader started saying "Jonathan is..." rather than "I am..." Nothing made sense anymore.

  • The world was spiraling into a chaotic murmur of first and third person being jumbled up and Jerald was forever lost among the noise.



  1. SlimWhitman Sep 29 2015 @ 18:06

    First two folds in English according to google: Home: Travel exploratory technological applications. Reflection on the ways in which we construct knowledge. "When you talk about epistemology, you do not produce Corona. Get back to work," said the boss. "No beer, no work," replied the proletariat. @mensaque: Google had some trouble with your fold. Maybe you used a lot of slang?

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