It would have been a day like any other day

  • It would have been a day like any other day had it not been for the bin lorry crash. Six died in the carnage including a mother and father and their young daughter. Jim thought

  • he'd left the world of twisted metal and broken bodies behind when he'd renounced underground exoskeleton fighting. But here he was, working sanitation in the early morning, stari

  • ng remorsefully into the fighting ring he'd once been king of, as he pulled decaying rat corpses out of the blocked changing room shower drain. He'd fallen so far.

  • As he reached for another rat, it slashed at his hand with its jaw. Inspiration struck. Let the cocks have their fight. He would be the Don King of Rat Wrassling! It was sited in

  • in all the underground animal fight blogs. Great King Rat's Title Fight Site. He'd voiceover the epic rat fights taking place in his basement Rodent Palace. "Live from the Rat Cage

  • it's the rat fight of the century! It's Rattus 'The Rattlesnake' Rattus versus Rattus 'Norwegian Chainsaw' Norvegicus!!! You buy the whole seat, but you'll only need the edge!"

  • Was what the tattoo read right across her butt cheeks. Cheeks he was so eager to see about a half hour ago. But now? And he was stuck. She was naked, so was he but this tattoo had

  • turned him on much more than he could ever have imagined. So he went for it, right there in the middle of the living room. In full view of the neighbors and their kids. A news crew

  • filmed the whole thing from the bushes right outside. In the afterglow of his reckless behavior, he realized he felt no remorse, not even after his actions appeared on TV. The next

  • day. he truly was a heartless monster.



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  2. SlimWhitman May 20 2015 @ 03:01

    We created a monster...

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