Bardok Joto was not ready for this promotion.

  • Bardok Joto was not ready for this promotion. "I love Mars! I love materiality!" His captain said, "I know, but the corridor between here and M31 is important and its guardians m

  • ust keep it free of dark matter. We don't want to hasten a collision with the Milky Way do we?" Bardok took a martian rock with him to the Triangulum galaxy. The Ghurtvin invasion

  • was still eons away. We could fluctuate and just forget the whole thing. But Bardok never quit. He was like a Meranin Howler locked on his lempria. He said,

  • "Yaaaaaarooooooo!" really really loudly. Bardock's neighbours hated him. He'd also get up early on Sunday morning to flasculate his lempria quite obviously. No shame. Bardock's

  • Fireworks from his backyard were notoriously long and loud. They happened randomly and the noise police could do nothing about it.

  • The police chief happened to be his dad. So he could light up as much fireworks as he wanted, the police wouldn't care. He took a sip from his beer while he sat in his backyard and

  • poured gasoline onto an oil drum full of burning diapers. The explosion destroyed half the neighborhood, but his dad, the police chief, just gave him a slap on the wrist and told

  • him to put ice on it. The police chief held a press conference & claimed his arsonist son wasn't to blame: "The diapers are what blew the town up!What does that baby eat, anyways?"

  • The DEA was right on his tracks though; they knew that this fire was no accident caused by toxic baby feces. This had the drug cartel's prints all over it--always looking for a new

  • way to screw the pooch, film it, and post it on Facebook while tagging her and the camel restaurant that they ate at that one time. The DEA agents didn't search her beehive.



  1. LordVacuity Sep 17 2017 @ 20:47

    Besides since when did the DEA concern itself with Martian rocks?

  2. LordVacuity Sep 17 2017 @ 20:48

    This has got turf war written all over it. In some corners it extends outside the lines.

  3. SlimWhitman Sep 18 2017 @ 19:35

    I totally forgot about the Ghurtvin invasion.

  4. lucielucie Sep 19 2017 @ 03:19

    That's because nobody expects the Ghurtvin invasion!

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