i was runing down the hall and i saw a girl

  • i was runing down the hall and i saw a girl and i,

  • was like "ayye guhh, you lookn cute today"! what's

  • haha its funny when guys say dat to gurls

  • Gurgled Big Mouth. But then he realized, "Big Mouth Hungry!" Papa Smurf was annoyed. Clearly someone had an eating disorder. Papa Smurf needed an interventionist

  • but chose Papa John by ignorance. The pizza mogul was just an alpha male, not a qualified interventionist, so Papa Smurf's intervention for Big Mouth backfired in the worst way.

  • In fact, the backfire could be heard two miles away, in a quaint little apartment where a man loved a woman, and that woman

  • Loved that guinea pig, things were getting desperate. That gang of Canadians moved in the neighborhood, and things were never the same. All the geese, the syrup, Don Cherry jackets

  • Only one way to take down a Canadian gang, but I was going to need help. I went to the nearest skate rink to recruit the most bad ass figure skaters in town

  • in hopes that they could skate hard. It's hard to find a bad ass skate gang in Southern California, but I had hope that the Rainbow Rink was the answer to my prayers.

  • Ignoring the 3 guys in spandex shorts and tank tops loitering by the entrance, I hiked up my striped socks and headed in - with a grin on my face knowing this would be great.



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