This chocolate cake is so good, I couldn't

  • This chocolate cake is so good, I couldn't just eat it. I had to experience it. First, I analyzed its appearance. Brown, of course, but not a mere brown. No, this cake was a rich

  • deep chocolaty brown. I smelled it. bitter cocoa. I squeezed it. Moist & fluffy. I stuck my finger in the center & encountered a scalding fudgy liquid. I quickly stuck the finger

  • in the door just so the sharp pain on my finger would remind me I was awake and not dreaming. At last -- real chocolate lava cake? All my prayers had been answered! I dug in

  • The chocolate lava dripped over my lips and my chin as I guzzled like a hippo at the beautiful chocolate watering hole. There is no space for decorum or dignity here.

  • "I love when it dribbles down my chin, don't you?'' I relished the moment. As a dollop of chocolate plopped off from my sticky face, my watering hole companions slurped

  • the gooey goodness from my chin. We were hippos for a reason and this was the reason: We were addicted to chocolate. We ate it all day long and this cake was the BEST I ever ate.

  • Hungry. Hungry Hippos. That's what we are. Slam my head down on the game board young master, bust my jaw, break my teeth but please oh god let me eat those wonderful marbles.

  • Three rare Pokemons were looking at them, but they had no smartphones. Hippos' hands were too big for them to not shatter it into 3,265,789 pieces. The Pokemons moved on to the

  • prostate exam. Hippo partnered up with the birdlike rare Pokemon and chose to finger first: I mean go digital. Moonface paired up with Lizard rare Pokemon and that left me and

  • my shadow, strolling down the avenue. Alone, but in the bosom of nature. Birds were singing. Trees were blooming. Let others stare at their screens, we were staring into God's eye.



  1. SlimWhitman Feb 25 2017 @ 12:44

    Like that ending Woab! I type will staring at the screen...

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