The needle probed a vein, popped it. She

  • The needle probed a vein, popped it. She sighed, her toes curling on the filthy mattress. Ever since sandmen, dream entradistas, brought back the stuff, the world lay in a stupor.

  • Sweet, syringes and sleeping disorders... What a mixture. Now the drugs worked their way through her veins, right up her brain, the paralysis faded. She tried to open her eyes and

  • a turtle crawled onto her face, laying an egg in her mouth. "She's experiencing the hallucinations. Sedative." She broke free, however, ripping the hospital gown from her body

  • the turtle died of shock, after finding out that her egg had been swallowed by the hospital patient. The woman looked mystical, as she chewed the egg, and ran out of the hospital.

  • At least in the slow-motion replay on the security cam. Det. Manatee froze the video. "The turtle egg thief might have been a tortoise shell cat in a previous life which means

  • one thing," Det. Manatee paused, his neck blubber visibly trembling, "the tentacles of Cthulu are all over this case!" Behind the flickering image of a cat eating a turtle egg were

  • faint fractal distortions that a puppyslug might imagine as it snowed. Det. Manatee steeled himself. Cthulhu was known as The Dreaming God, but lately power naps seemed to be

  • all he could manage, and these did not ever get Cthulhu to a REM state. Manatee trick to slip a sedative into Cthulhu's coca, but instead slipped on the rug and the drug landed in

  • the doggy bowl on the floor. "No, Spot!" Spot knocked over the bowl and scampered away. Manatee rushed to the hall closet. "Uh, excuse me while I get a broom." Cthulhu waved an arm

  • And Spot went to play Pokemon Go on his dogphone. He had taken his master's old iphone, unknown to his master. It was hidden in a secret spot. Better than bad tasting dog food.



  1. Woab Jul 16 2016 @ 11:14

    Critics agree, it's better than bad tasting dog food!

  2. SlimWhitman Jul 16 2016 @ 14:39

    Poochyena likes Squirtle eggs in his poochow.

  3. lucielucie Jul 17 2016 @ 12:41

    I'd prefer to read this than eat dog food any day of the week.

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