A soft cheek stroke followed by sharp fingernail

  • A soft cheek stroke followed by sharp fingernail gouge to the inner nose. The nighttime screaming. The daytime crying. The defecation. Always the defecation.

  • But I loved my demon baby.Her beady red eyes stared up at me in the dark. I wiped the blood from my nose & forgave her once again. She couldn't help it, poor thing. Puke covered my

  • overalls. I could just say it was pig slop. Shoving my red-eyed demon baby behind a bale of hay, I crept out of the barn & took a deep breath. A piercing scream had me running back

  • me Lucky Charms.

  • "...and Green Clovers." My client, Lucky Leprechaun, has issued a cease and desist order on these hooligan kids, see Ref. Trix vs. Nosy Kids 1975, State of NJ. We request that

  • all children eat the cereal before digging to the bottom for the "prize." Lucky Leprechaun was so happy thinking he would win the case this time. He had filed against children 149

  • times out of the 212 cases that were assigned him. The other cases he had been part of a defense team. Most of his cases were top secret but one case is sung about each Labor Day.

  • And that was right around the corner! Three years later, just 147 of the 212 cases were solved because the forensic software broke down. All the data not written down was lost.

  • The police suspected a hacker was behind this. And not just any hacker, the most notorious one of them all: the USB Port exploiter. This hacker would use a USB drive to import viru

  • ses, while the Astral Police found viruses through pre-cog.



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