Jarrow was only 23 when he chose to join

  • Jarrow was only 23 when he chose to join the homeless wealthy. He went and lived wherever he pleased with his portagrid and pocket manifestor (years before the integrator). But whe

  • n he was apprehended by the Thai Police in a signed non-portagrid zone he inadvertently set forth a chain of events that would lead to The Pact's demise. A mandatory blood test

  • proved that my hormones were so irregular, that it was the caused irregular insanity, so the police could not hold me responsible for what I was about to do.

  • But I still ended up in the court of Judge Milian "Marilyn, my hormone imbalance made me fail to yield to pedestrians, park in a handicapped zone, and shoplift. You know how it

  • goes. Surely you do, Judge Milian. All of it - purely accidental." "You've got to be kidding," she said. "THAT'S your defense?" She glared at me. I nodded then added, "Testosterone

  • made me do it. It's a ballsy defense, I know. Especially for a woman. It's what I like to think of as an unexpected, Surprise! sort of defense, right?" If your Honor would

  • blow out the candles!" The judge gaped in awe at the surprise birthday party thrown in his honor at the height of a murder trial. "For he's a judgy good fel-low..." sang the jury.

  • Birthday cake and ice cream were sent around the courtroom, and by the time they got back to the murder trial at hand, everyone was so sugared up that they could hardly sit still.

  • Judge Judy was called in and used the gavel. "Wake up!", she said. The jurors were jolted awake and then, three years later, were infamously referred to as "The Sugar Hill Gang".

  • Head juror, Michael "Wonder Mike" Wright, insisted that Judge Judy's prank had given The Sugar Hill Gang a bad rap. In fact, he called it the perfect storm, a rapper's delight.



  1. LordVacuity Feb 09 2018 @ 19:12

    I suspect that Dhanithecat knew where this was going to end up. You know that I usually run away from such obvious setups but this one...

  2. pinky Feb 09 2018 @ 20:33

    Granted, Pinky has been mysteriously popular for quite some time and off doing endless guest spots, meet and greets, touring with the season 27 star of "The Bachelor" rapper, Ice Breaker, and sunning in Malibu, but she sneaks off to Fold as often as she can. She asked me to tell everyone that this fold was the best (she laughed so much she had to bite her own tail! You know - so people wouldn't call her uncool) she's read in a long time. Brava! Brava! Encore! Futique: She applauds your ability to overcome your resistance to Dahnithecats's um...transparency tendencies. Tiffeny Epifheny (Assistant to Ms. Pinky)

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