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  • "hello." I returned. It looked at me blankly.

  • I don't know what I expected it to say. The page had plenty of one-liners

  • and most of them had something to do with toys and boogers. I sighed. "Malcom, I can't publish this book for you; it's apparent by your writing style that you're only three!

  • Three hundred dollars away from a million! Just kidding, I love this book and so will America!" I high-fived the toddler author but he didn't raise his hand up and slapped him

  • hard enough that he was able to add a chapter describing the abuse he endured as a child. This catapulted his book to bestseller status, and he hadn't yet finished kindergarten. By

  • the time he attends 1st grade, he will leave an unfinished book behind before disappearing.A prodigy author might be involved:still a toddler,Kevin had always envied the wunderkind

  • Who taught him to read at age three and write at age four. He played dumb at school to hide this and avoid trouble. The smart tellie was given away so they couldn't be spied upo

  • n. However, being secretly literate was proving more difficult than his parents thought. They ended up giving away all electronics in their house, in fear of government

  • reprisal for not having paid the electricity bill for the last 17 years. Not being able to read the bill was no excuse. De-electrification was preferable to the electric chair!



  1. PurpleProf Sep 15 2016 @ 01:42

    Oh, SlimWhitman and Foldmeonce...ROLLING!

  2. C.M.Franklin Sep 16 2016 @ 00:59

    I must say, this was pretty brilliant.

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