I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I decided

  • I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I decided it was time to change my field of employment: two thousand kills was more than enough; I took all of my weapons and gave them to Goodwill.

  • Then, I bathed in a tub of bleach, lye, and alcohol...for days...until I had washed away all of my sins against humanity. I was no longer a killer...I was ready to be normal again

  • I had scrubbed my sins off my skin, and now I was pure once more, untouched by violence.

  • It felt good, I won't lie, to get such a weight off my chest. With all the bad things happening to me lately, it just felt like heaven compared to the fire pain in my stomach const

  • santly. I knew what you did last summer. I still know what you did last summer. And, I've had to live with that secret while you moved on. I visit you at your grave, to tell your

  • that your fly is down, and all I get from you is subterranean mocking laughter. Muffled music comes from your grave, and I know that you're dancing down there, even after I told

  • you you've danced your last jig. After I sent you to your last curtain call, I thought life would be all gravy train living off your assets, but when I see your specter moonwalk

  • across the stage of my mind's eye it's like you're still here with me. I wish you'd shut up, actually. I really should have duct-taped your mouth shut before I murdered you.

  • At least your impatience to haunt me for murdering you tipped me off for my next victims to gag them lest they haunt me too, like you. I learned, from you again, to burn out their

  • You, indeed were with me my whole life, a brother who I despised. Indeed, you were the one who threatened death to me, and me back to you for you had never cared about my problems



  1. Woab Jun 06 2018 @ 15:21

    Oops! This would have been better if I hadn't misread the word "your" and if that excellent last line connected better to the preceding line.

  2. noahnoah Jun 07 2018 @ 00:19


  3. noahnoah Jun 07 2018 @ 00:19

    my bad

  4. Woab Jun 07 2018 @ 11:25

    We all do it, every so often. Welcome to the club!

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