Too many hours online had begun to take their

  • Too many hours online had begun to take their toll on him. His obsessive gazing of 4chan & internet memes had reduced his once vast vocabulary to that of a LOLcat. "Ohai!" he said,

  • he thought, "I 1-d-r." What is my emotag? His girlfriend had texted him GAFYK years ago so he dumped her. He chomped the cyanide capsule in his mouth. That when

  • everything was on the line, he would rather bite down on a poison capsule than try to save the world, was completely expected by his ex-girl girlfriend. She never had faith in him

  • because his junk was too small

  • for him to pay to be to be accepted by the recycling center. He'd rather just take his TV home and let it sit in the garage--maybe open it up and mess around with the innards.

  • Little did he know that this TV, the one sitting in his garage that he wanted to throw away, was once the TV they used to help build the fake moon shot. Oh what a glorious ruse

  • that had been. The fake moon shot was staged in Studio 7A at Paramount. If you look closely when Neil jumps, you can see the wires and the Reynolds Wrap cerration on the left boot.

  • and all the while the money they claimed to be spending on the moon mission was actually being spent to secretly retrofit that flying saucer from the Roswell incident so they could

  • pimp that sucker up with some major woofers and racing stripes. A galaxy was waiting for earth men to drop that beat. Yee-hah!

  • Unwittingly, he had created a new genre of music that would plague college radio stations, iPods, and frat houses for years to come: Country Rap.



  1. Bad. Apr 24 2011 @ 05:08

    Country Rap...oh god...

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