Her dress fell to the floor and I stood there

  • Her dress fell to the floor and I stood there for a moment admiring its beauty. Silk folds with lace trim. It evoked Valentino at his prime. "Ahem!" she coughed at her nakedness

  • bringing me back into the moment. I, in turn, began slowly removing my slacks while she watched me with hungry eyes. I kicked my pants over by her dress and put my hand

  • on her mons venus which felt damp and waxy. It totally grossed me out but I didn't want to whip my hand away and yell ewww because I was really backed up, and then she

  • fifth customer this morning. Why had I ever started a Mobile Bikini Wax business out of my mini motor home? At least since I had started charging by gross weight, profits were way

  • way down. I needed a new scheme. What could I do with a mini motor home? I needed more space for that "herb" business I briefly considered. Maybe cult leader? That could be

  • an option. I could go up and down the country on my motor home and hold gatherings with other motor home owners, and preach the word of The Lord, whilst dealing my herbs to the mas

  • ses or I could hit the open road relying on my with charm, and the 30 kilos of horse I had stashed in the back to get me my freedom and my fortune. I took the road less traveled

  • and it payed of wonderfully, though I did feel some twinges of regret for all the habitual horse users I started down in Mexico. Still, I was a free man, and I found my calling.

  • card too. So I read the STD pamphlet that Dr. Oldbay had given me and made a few calls to the old cell block "We'll be together soon, boys" i could hardly wait to feel

  • the concrete under my prison slippers, snuggling under the thin cotton blanket on my lumpy mattress, and hearing my number at roll call. I would be home again.



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