After a long day at work, Mike needed to

  • After a long day at work, Mike needed to relax. He went

  • online & logged into his moonlighting job. "Some can't tell an elbow from an arse but thanks to my online degree from the Zen-Nippon Chick Sexing School, the world of chicken vents

  • a lot of ignorance." As human beings, we need to show our intelligence more. It is just as easy to make a statement that makes sense as to state something senseless. My hope is

  • that people in today's society start thinking about what they say before they say it.

  • My mission was to bring "tact' out of retirement. People needed to be alerted when they were ranting on or talking endlessly. I put on my armor and grabbed my rubber-chicken.

  • Half out the door I remembered the "fart spray." Crap. Well I was already in my armor now, and I had the rubber chicken waxed and loaded. Time to bring "tact" into the world

  • . I saddled my Saber-toothed armadillo and got into my spaceship. Oh, he just likes wearing the saddle because it makes him feel important. Anyway, I figured my mission would be

  • one of those quick out and back runs. My saber-toothed armadillo was the best mission partner. Never complained about getting sick on the takeoff. "Warp speed!" The craft tilted to

  • the political right and the physical left, causing a minor logic emergency, as my saber-toothed armadillo takes things too literally sometimes. We sped along en route to the

  • Armadillo hut full of saber-toothed armadillos.One Armadillo begged another to play some game called Town of Salem, "NO!" it replied, they broke into a fight and they were no more.



  1. Scribbly Oct 22 2015 @ 20:45

    Hey, another Town of Salem player? That's a good game :D

  2. smashysmashy Oct 23 2015 @ 11:08

    I'm trying to equate the mob mentality of ToS to Folding Story. There's a link. Someone find it for me.

  3. Crazydance Oct 23 2015 @ 15:27

    Stupidity levels overall: ToS 2. FL (Folding story) 1 Mob stupidity levels: ToS 20. FL -8 Oblivious levels overall: ToS over 9000. FL 6 Mob oblivious levels: ToS 56. FL 58 Brought to you by Hollywood, we conduct science experiments involving human mental capacity, we are glad to share test results with any one person who requests it. Thank you, our latest experiment was San Andreas (about earthquakes)

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