He was the kinda guy that'd take little incidents

  • He was the kinda guy that'd take little incidents & observations from everyday life & work them into bits on an anonymous collaborative storytelling site. You know the type. A real

  • want-to-be novelist who would always show up at the party, drink all the box wine, and recite passages from the unseen book he was working on. FS is the drug for this schmoe.

  • Of course, it's kind of hard to see a book before it gets published, kind of like it's hard to see the fold before the latest one. The digital format will make them a dime a dozen.

  • They figured out they'd have to sell (quick calculation) 42.398 gazillion of the digital versions just to break even. And you know what? They DID! Then they sold 50 gazillion more.

  • They were so rich they moved with the current. And they learned. Boy did they learn.

  • They moved like epileptics at a stroboscope dense rave club. And they learned wealth does little for you when you've dipped your tongue in an aquarium full of pet electric eels.

  • They spoke in tongues uttering strange phrases like "Az én légpárnás tele van angolna." & "Aingira elektrikoa bezalako hizkuntza bat du,eta gizon bat amigdala zapore atsegin zuen."

  • The neuroscientist aboard the hovercraft thought they said "amygdala", so she played along. "Lligui seva llengua al voltant del meu cervell. Fer cada pols nostre petit secret."

  • The scientist's fellow passengers aboard the hovercraft all looked at her strangely, wondering if perhaps she'd inhaled a little too much spice during their last stop on Arrakis.

  • As it turns out, she had. Her blue-in-blue eyes shined with euphoria like Fremen as she tipped her head to one side and lipped her lips seductively.



  1. sundancer Jun 04 2013 @ 21:38

    Slim, are you "Do-Gooder" on yahoo answers? Because someone recently asked, "How do you say "my hovercraft is full of eels" in Hungarian?" LOL

  2. SlimWhitman Jun 05 2013 @ 05:35

    "When doing good do not let your different avatars know what the others are doing". ;-) ...no, but actually this phrase has been floating around in a couple of stories here on FS (not in Hungarian though). I used google translate which probably frequently gets that request.

  3. SlimWhitman Jun 05 2013 @ 05:38

    @sundancer: "lip my stocking"

  4. sundancer Jun 05 2013 @ 22:25

    It sucks that you can't edit once you realize you've made a mistake. :-(

  5. Zetawilk Jun 07 2013 @ 02:27

    I have made many a typographical error myself. All saved for posterity. If we're lucky.

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