Para las elecciones, la publicidad partidaria

  • Para las elecciones, la publicidad partidaria en medios audiovisuales es gratuitas y asignada por la Direccion Nacional Electoral. Pero en los medios radiales poco se escucha.

  • Well that's easy for you to say replied Derek. Clearly the language tuition was paying off, now for the next part of the plan. He would call

  • party lines and chat with vapid body-less female voices in an attempt to feel "included." His plan was to "prime" his self-esteem through artificial resuscitation until he could

  • "get groovy". When he'd practiced online enough, he put on his best plaid shirt and corduroy bell bottoms, and headed down to the bar. His timing was perfect Retronerds were in.

  • Unfortunately that was the night Toad's Place was hit. "I cannot believe!" said the owner (an illegal?), "I would never think there'd be gun violence in New Haven! Eemposseebil!"

  • He dropped to his knees and sobbed. His beloved Kalashnikov had been brutally dismantled in the most visible act of gun violence the community had ever witness. I helped him to

  • get up. "It's okay," I told him, "we'll buy you a new AK-47." "I don't want any old AK-47, I want my darling Ivanyushka!" he wailed, clutching my Glock, who was named Roderich. I

  • understood. All too well. Last year my rocket launcher, "Blastromanoff" had succomed to rust. "Look, vy don't chew pop off a few rounds vith Roderich here, vial I refill our wodkas

  • "Sure, vy...I mean why not?" I agreed, but I remained suspicious of his motives. Roderich & I hung out, waiting for the wodka, er, vodka. I sure did miss my rocket launcher. When

  • we finished the bottle of wodka, I was all wookie wookie wookie. Wooo-Wooooo! I weally didn't care about anywing or anywody anywore. Woderich either. Burp. Wheeee! Wump Wump Wump.



  1. SlimWhitman Jan 12 2014 @ 11:59

    vot a vonderful veapon wignette.

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