I woke up, hypnotized by strong, thick nipples

  • I woke up, hypnotized by strong, thick nipples

  • covered in streaming blond hair. Each was like an overflowing pool of beauty tied up in pony tails. The hair ties read W.W.J.D. I assumed it meant Which Whore Jerked Davy?

  • Naw! No way did W.W.J.D. mean Which Whore jerked Davy. I was just too envious of Davy the bully had picked on me all my life. Maybe it meant Whipping Whelts Jumbled on Davy. Nope

  • . I looked across the school hallway. A group of students wore neon WWJD bracelets. I didn't know so many teens were part of the World Wide Judo Division. I had to prepare.

  • With a sense of drama that had taken years to perfect, I took out my black belt and deliberately slowly put it around my waist. "Where's your WWJD bracelet, pops?" asded a teen who

  • asdfed his jkl; he'd had a learning disability, and being expelled after urinating on a cop car at prom didn't help. He didn't realize my black belt /was/ my WWJD bracelet. Well,

  • that bracelet was priceless to me and my hipster aspirations. What could be more ironic than a death metal radio station with the call letters of WWJD-FM 106.9? I grabbed my

  • 2 tickets to the Big 4 concert at Grave Creek Mound & drove by Hutch's place but the wuss said he can't be party to a 'desecration'. When the stage & bleachers collapsed & the dead

  • were finished playing, everyone was pretty wiped out. But the Darkest Hour was still to come. The ancient headbangers still worshipped the Big 4 & eagerly awaited the encore.

  • But it was Jerry Garcia who appeared instead. He was grateful...and so was the audience.



  1. SlimWhitman Jun 09 2014 @ 01:38

    First Dead concert I went to, people outside the entrance were holding cardboard signs :"Need 1 miracle". Eventually figured out they were looking for a free ticket!

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