Hambone hambone have you heard?

  • Hambone hambone have you heard?

  • I"I got a new car! It runs on pig power!" I was so excited. "Hambone? What's wrong?" But My Boarish friend just glared at me.

  • I opened the rear compartment and two pigs were running on wheels, powering a deep fryer which was frying bacon. "Eh? What ya think? Food AND eco-friendly!" I exclaimed to Hambone.

  • "And sustainable," Hambone the pig added. "We'll take it," we declared. We signed the contract as the pigs continued powering the bacon fryer. This deal is the first step toward

  • independence for the whole porcine community. Well, that and their obliteration I suppose. Hambone the pig and his piggy pals soon ran out of bacon to fry and had to put themselves

  • In the shoes of the piggies George Harrison sang about. Porcini mushrooms were delivered by the porcine community food pantry. They could eat their bacon with mushrooms! That was

  • back when bacon-flavored gum was considered a peace offering. The centurions weren't buying it these days. However, Quasimodo had chosen the lace curtains and it was only a matter

  • shining the Bishop and he could finish the week by singing the dolphin through. So he took a big wad of the bacon-flavored gum with him as he went into the Bishop for his shining.

  • Shining wasn't like anything else in the world.

  • Redrum! Redrum! REDRUM! REDRUMREDRUMREDRUMREDRUM!!! We woke from our reverie and ran into the maze.



  1. PurpleProf Jan 04 2018 @ 22:43

    Read this story, but imagine Dick Halloran's (Scatman Crothers) voice.

  2. Woab Jan 05 2018 @ 15:09

    Hee hee! ...and do it again in Porky Pig.

  3. LordVacuity Jan 05 2018 @ 18:09

    ok, now read it in the voice of Søren Kierkegaard.

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