I just finished up a new section of code

  • I just finished up a new section of code that I hoped would save my job at Innetech. When I loaded onto the main server, everything crashed, and my screen cracked. Inside the crack
  • I glimpsed something moving, I broke the rest of the glass and a bright spark told me to follow it. So I crawled through my computer screen and found myself on the other side
  • . I had broken through. There was this strange man there, on the other side. He had black leather pants and long hair. He said, "We chased our pleasures here
  • until we ran out of heroin. Did you bring any, mang?" Dumbass. You NEVER reveal your desperation, lest I triple the price. "Yes... at triple the price." I said, which
  • was pretty sharp of me. Hah! He paid up and I handed over a coin bag of cane sugar. "Use it wisely man." I am a genius. "This heroin is the shit!" said Ronny, "you are the shit! I
  • gave you an entire bag of good Brazilian cane man. Refine it to pure crystalline glucose & you know what it's worth on the US market?" "Say, your right." said Ronny, but smuggling
  • the unrefiend stuff was getting harder and harder. We decided it was easier to transport it crystalized in cubes. Ronny and I knew the tea drinkers were hooked on one lump or two.
  • But then Ronny got greedy. He contacted an associate in Shanghai, asking what he could cut sugar with. "Melamine," the rogue replied. Without my knowledge, Ronny began introducing
  • DIY staples into staple food products. He cut flour with plaster powder, coffee with mahogany sawdust and tea with stuff swept off the floor. "Ronny!" I admonished, "for the love o
  • f GOD! Stop playing with your food!" He didn't, of course. Little did I realize then that 'ol Ronny would end world hunger, while I 'd end up living in a van down by the river.


  1. lucielucie Nov 20 2013 @ 03:46

    I wonder if this is Ronny 'OMG' Delaney, business partner and part-time cockroach.

  2. SlimWhitman Dec 06 2014 @ 05:27

    What Lucielucie is referring to... http://foldingstory.com/xabnz/

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