The sign at the front of the diner said welcome

  • The sign at the front of the diner said welcome to hell. And if you didn't like meatloaf it was. Of course if you did, it was worse.

  • You'd fly out of there like a bat outta hell, but after a slice of Gadyloo's lardloaf you weren't flying anywhere. Gadyloo brought the meatloaf up with a dumbwaiter shaft from hell

  • Gadyloo checked the internal temp. The meatloaf was a perfect 120 degrees. Just the right temp to breed the e.coli from hell! How they'd managed such tepid temp down there, nobody

  • knew except Hades, the head chef, who sprinkled Hot Damn sauce on the meatloaf before Gadyloo brought it out to the hungry dinner guest. She was there on vacation despite her

  • assigned mission from the Society of Mildreds. There are already five of us in Sprechino, she thought. Why shouldn't I have meatloaf on the beach in the Bahamas? The Hot Damn sauce

  • of envy boiled up in her blood and she sold her house in Sprechino and moved to the Bahamas. Was she ever surprised when the Bahaman Society of Mildreds refused her membership.

  • 'hi i was wondering why the Bahaman Society of Mildreds refused my membership, I paid my share of meatballs and I didnt get of that nun sketty back.' The beatiful man-woman asked

  • too many questions. The Gatekeeper pressed The Button and a gaping hole erupted in the middle of the black and turquoise diamond-patterned floor. Down they went. "NEXT!!!"

  • And then they landed in the bargain basement of a Chinese factory outlet and were told to spend a thousand dollops to keep the economy chugging along. Problem was the speedometer

  • cable had overheated, again, and had expanded and gotten too hot for the sheathing to handle. It scorched the brake cable and Ghost Rider was created. It was intentional.



  1. Rebbie Jun 19 2017 @ 17:11

    This must be how Hades makes demon spawn.

  2. Woab Jun 21 2017 @ 12:56

    Great opening line there, Reb!

  3. Rebbie Jun 21 2017 @ 13:53

    Meat loaf hell. Sounds like a country western song title. XD

  4. LordVacuity Jun 22 2017 @ 23:41

    My honey pie can can a coon with butterbeans to make Julia Child wail every arbor day and on Robert E. Lees birthday she brings meat loaf hell. (chorus) honey pie's meat loaf hell makes you hear that final bell makes you think relief for a spell when it is faux Cambridge Silversmiths drell.

  5. LordVacuity Jun 22 2017 @ 23:43

    sorry, that last word should have been dreck. It turned into a dreck by being a drell. It just wasn't the dreck I had intended.

  6. LordVacuity Jun 22 2017 @ 23:44

    Yes, I had not intended to end with a rhyme.

  7. LordVacuity Jun 22 2017 @ 23:46

    I thought that is what country music does. It does not end in a rhyme. Or is that Pop Country?

  8. LordVacuity Jun 22 2017 @ 23:51

    I should probably know more about the Society of Mildreds. Are they Illuminati affiliated?

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