The villains sat at their weekly gathering,

  • The villains sat at their weekly gathering, tired of a long day of scheming, planning, and conniving. One of them ordered a cup of coffee, while the others pondered over the menu

  • Later , they all decided to order three dishes and share them since it was there first time in this restaurant. They didn%u2019t want to order alot of dishes because they were new

  • So, They talking about the restaurant and the food. Also , They talking about working . They happy and enjoy so much together. After that they had a great time and back to the home

  • After that they decided to sit together and chat and talk about what they did and how much fun they had it was an amazing night they haven’t been out in such a long time so yeah ..

  • Anyway, they talked into the late hours and she realized the waiter hadn’t brought the check. He realized the lights were off. They realized the door was locked...

  • They undressed silently, eagerly seeking out each other's bodies. Uh oh, the restaurant's lights came back on, & all the tables appeared to be occupied by close friends. "SURPRISE!

  • " sang out the maitre'd as he snapped photos of them making whoopie on the hors d'ouvres and posted them directly to Facebook. Then the lights went out again, just as Ben dove into

  • her groceries. It tasted like last week's groceries and didn't smell any better. When he got to the Russian salad dressing he'd had his fill and begged off. He gathered his clothes

  • and packed them tightly in his bag, it was time to leave this place and go on a new adventure. But when he arrived at the airport he saw a strange figure who kept following him, he

  • moved, it moved. He ducked into the men's room, it did too. He ran from security & the shadowy figure did as well! Security took 'em both down at the same time. Adventure over.



  1. PurpleProf Feb 22 2019 @ 20:43

    Title for this story?? :0

  2. IceSquad Feb 23 2019 @ 11:19

    Once Upon a Time in a Strange Restaurant

  3. Chaz Feb 24 2019 @ 16:24

    One Night at IHop Can Make a Hard Man Humble.

  4. PurpleProf Feb 25 2019 @ 19:01

    Schizophrenic IHop. Oh, the things that happen in the "after hours" at IHop! Personalities stacked, like pancakes, a single lonely man living our his adventures with no one but Aunt Jemima (and other imaginary friends).

  5. LordVacuity Feb 25 2019 @ 19:40

    So you see Aunt Jemima too?

  6. Woab Feb 26 2019 @ 11:46

    Oh yes. And the shadowy specter of Mrs. Butterworth.

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