It all happened so fast! I remember waking

  • It all happened so fast! I remember waking up from the couch in my darkened living room, the light in the hallway on. Standing in the doorway was the massive silhouette of

  • the cat. Oh, what a relief! I had thought the shadow was a monster or something. I then noticed that "Mungo" was curled in my lap.

  • Then I noticed "Mungo" was smiling with blood its feline teeth. Then I noticed my pants were wet. Then I noticed the red and pink flags of skin in my lower abdomen.

  • When Mungo started disembowelling me I'd learnt it meant he needed feeding or wanted a stroke. He purred as I tickled him under the chin, I picked up some coils of intestine and

  • He ate them. Cats eat anything that is meat. Mungo just sniffed it and said, "you can toss that". Jerry, his brother, sniffed it too. He was not sure. It didn't smell right to them

  • but behind their backs like a thing that was behind them. They were hungry but not hungry enough to eat tainted meat. They weren't against eating human flesh if they could catch it

  • but it was a huge effort and they much preferred the easier prey of wild animals. Humans could think and therefore were harder to catch for food. Deer were still plentiful enough

  • , that is, until the hungry carrot tribe learned how to swarm them and leave nothing but the antlers. The hungry carrots grew fat and lethargic on venison, and soon the humans

  • grew lighter in the pocketbook--everything is money to humans, especially American humans...so, they set traps for the hungry carrots, cooking their venison fat blood into quiche

  • pies. They didn't set too many traps though, because that costs money and as we all know humans are stingy with money. For example I can't even afford to finish this story because



  1. Flopp Jan 06 2019 @ 06:13

    Haha! Loved the ending!

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