Don’t eat the brownies.

  • Don’t eat the brownies.

  • Don't eat the yellow snow.

  • A depressed groom does not count towards your Something Blue achievement.

  • But it was too late. I tried to accept that Sven actually preferred microfiber to cotton sheets, but the day he brought two yappy little dogs home, I went into a fugue state and mu

  • tinied. "These dogs are too small!" I bellowed. "We live on a farm! How is a Chihuahua going to herd sheep?" Sven looked taken aback. "Dey are so cute, da?" He offered me a puppy.

  • Really, "Sven"? I answered incredulously. "What do you expect me to do with that? My cat would smack the shiver right out of this insect before it could bark, "Uff Da."

  • Sven looked concerned, face twisted. "Look, I wouldn't have agreed to any of this if I knew you were just going to try to feed the bug to your cat. Thats some twisted nonsense."

  • I rolled my eyes, "They can listen in on us or they can listen in to a cat's digestion. Honestly, only one of those is going to get us arrested." Sven snorted, but didn't argue.

  • They sat for a while, drinking the last of the gin and listening to the cat's attempts to digest the generic dry food it had consumed earlier. The city sat below them in darkness

  • . The luminescent number flipped on the digital clock. They glared at each other from across the couch. "Well, another damn Happy New Year, I guess."



  1. BlastedHeath Jul 08 2018 @ 14:39

    Phew! Thank goodness no-one got murdered. And I really like how that developed.

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