Carol stared at the bags of frozen peas,

  • Carol stared at the bags of frozen peas, wondering where her life had gone. Gerard Butler sidled up to her in the freezer section naked, except for a green tartan kilt. "I love you

  • r choice of frozen vegetable." The kilt was a mini kilt and left nothing to the imagination. Before Carol could answer, Clive Owen sidled up next to her, a set of bagpipes

  • firmly packed between his legs. Clive Owen said, "Nice day for a squeezer!" and while doing a chicken walk played "Brick House." Carol cupped he mouth and shouted

  • "Shoo Clive don't bother me, shoo Clive don't bother me, shoo Clive don't bother me for I belong to Company B." Jackie whipped around to look for Company B sneaking up from behind

  • Company A, but Company B figured that Jackie would do that so they decided to stay behind Company A until Jackie was placated. Jackie finally gave up and went for a drik at Clive's

  • Bar & Grill. The rest of the company finished rank and went back to their tents, relieved that Jackie was gone. Bill on the other hand headed to Clive's to check on Jackie. She was

  • nowhere around, and Clive was beside himself. He welcomed Bill in, who only let out a long sigh and sat beside Clive. He didn't dare tell him "I told you so". Jackie wasn't worth

  • the trouble of that. Instead, he simply gave him a pat on the back. "So," Clive said. "How'd it go?" Bill darted menacing eyes at Clive. "Well, Jackie...

  • turned out to be rather respectable, and I would quite agree with Jackie that anything more would be none of your damn business," said Bill as he skewered Clive with

  • with his rapier wit and an actual rapier (or an "epee", if you crossword-solvers prefer). Clive's physical wound was superficial, but he never recovered from the blow to his ego.



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    Touche, m80!

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    Merci, mon ami.

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    Nice to have you back in the fold, flourishing a pointy pen.

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    Yes, nice to see m80 again!

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    Thank you my friends, I am glad to see some familiar monikers (and so many new ones!)

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