A bear came across a genie. The bear was

  • A bear came across a genie. The bear was given three wishes with the exception that he cannot wish for more wishes. Being a smart bear, he found a loophole. By using word "and"

  • so he wished for all the fish in the world and a lot of other magic lamps he had unlimited fish, he also had unlimited wishes but he began to feel lonely

  • because Sebastion the crab was starting to finally feel badly. He executed a perfect coup d'etat, all the merpeople were killed and buried in mass graves. But now, who could he sha

  • g? Ariel was gone, and all of the other mermaids who had been lining up for his crabby D - those who had survived at any rate - cowered in fear of his little, red, crab-like might.

  • Ariel waved his wand and produced the right words to fold this line, some three years later. Why did it take so bloody long? Only the Wizard of Pottowami Park Woods knew and he was

  • n't speaking mostly because he was transformed into an old fold that died some time a year ago. It was all too tragic so the fairy frog aunt decided to step in a granted Ariel

  • and control her mind. Ariel's personality was not very strong and it was no problem for the fairy frog aunt to take over. Ariel's friends were dumfounded when she began to hop and

  • croak after evening meal. They had never seen her act in any way inconsistent with her demure and incomprehensibly content affect. Ariel's skin even began to turn green that night,

  • A shade resembling that of the Wicked Witch of the West. Nobody would kiss her like that! Well, that's what she thought until she saw a charming man of the same colour as her own.

  • But she saw him in passing only because this time, the thread had him, and the planets fate, tied up with his remembering the Truth about why he was a time traveling Gen. Custer.



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