My mom was the only one who liked and commented

  • My mom was the only one who liked and commented on my photo. "That's my beautiful boy!XOXO", her comment said.

  • I wept. Even though I was now the newest maggoty vessel for Satan, Mom still thought I was her beautiful boy. "Thanks, mom," I commented on the photo, hoping my gratitude seeped

  • deep into her haggard pores that had long been caked, clogged with poorly applied make-up. But that was besides the points. There was no longer a George, all that remained was Nick

  • . He cradled the inflatable pool toy in his arms. His friends were dead and without a little help from them, how would he get by? Nick sat down on the curb, surrounded by bodies.

  • Next to him, one of the bodies started to twitch. An arm uncurled, an eye opened. A rank stench emanated from the mouth of the body as its legs shuddered back to life. Standing it

  • looked deep into my soul and grunted. The zombie staggered towards me before falling at my feet and coughing blood over my magical flying shoes. "AAAHHHH

  • My Flying shoes have been decanted by this Zombie chunder. Sure enough I couldn't fly anymore. The Zombie grasped my legs. Moaning "Take me Kansas". The Zombie eyes looked familiar

  • so I took the zombie right there. It moaned louder than anyone I've heard. I felt it appreciated what I did, but ever since it was taken, Liam Neeson just wouldn't get off my back.

  • Heavy breathing. "I don't know who you are...but I am going to look for you. I am going to find you and kill you ... again." I told Liam to bury the hatchet and find a new hobby.

  • I've been killed ten times already and strangely enough I want to be you but unfortunately you wouldn't want to be me. So let's take that last fishing trip to the sea.



  1. SlimWhitman May 29 2015 @ 02:56

    Scarecrow only wanted 'a' brain. I find that suspicious.

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