All he did was grin, flex and say, "Ciao

  • All he did was grin, flex and say, "Ciao Guys!"

  • Half the girls in the club left with him.

  • Or rather, I should say left after him. Each carrying a high-heel shoe, brandishing the spiked heel towards his head, face, crotch and anywhere else they could puncture the man.

  • To their chagrin, they realized that "he" was less "man" than "inflatable punching clown". Worse than that, it was one of those multi-purpose model, meant both for punching and for

  • scaring little kids senseless. His makeup was drawn into a big goofy smile, but his actual mouth was frowning at the corners, and it was hard to tell if his eyes were sad or angry.

  • This was his plight as the world's scariest clown. Even though he was a jovial guy, he just happened to have resting serial killer face. He managed to book a bar mitzvah, but

  • then nobody showed up, all too afraid. The clown was now sad. He didn't want to be scary, he didn't want people to think he was a murderer, he wanted to make them happy! He wanted

  • their heads on a silver platter, but he wanted them smiling. "Bobo the Clown always gets what he wants," he said, frowning. The demented clown's entourage went in search of

  • their victims, sweat dripping down their white painted faces, their eyes gleaming in anticipation of the beheadings. They rode their motorcycles into the big top, while Bobo

  • was so afraid of getting on the motorcycle. he said" I think we should call the police guys", the other were ignoring him...



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