Now, boys and girls, this is to be a nice,

  • Now, boys and girls, this is to be a nice, clean story, do you hear? No lewd references to body parts, no toilet humor, no crude or sexual words will be tolerated.

  • "Furthermore," she continued, *bbrbrrbrrrbrrfffffftt*! "Oh my God! Johnny! What is that?! You had the bratwurst didn't you?! *sniff* With onions! But why does it smell so rotten?!"

  • Johnny smiled. He had her right where he wanted her. Cursing him, and his onion-laden lunch. The power move was to let her sit in the foulness without responding and he played

  • his meld and won the hand of Radio Rummy. Johnny's strategy had been to distract her with his onion breath but he didn't expect her to discard so many

  • lovers in the weeks to come. This greater game he was playing in, and the greater game beyond that, were beyond his mettle. He was a petty hood and he would always be. The woman

  • Who walked in the room was there to arrest him for thought crimes. He didnt even use facebook!

  • No,there was no way the Thought police could've listened in.He had no phones/electronics of anykind.Just in case, he even avoided materials that could conductelectricity. Unless...

  • of course... the implant. After all the government had paid for it! He would have to crack open his skull and remove the chip from his brain. He flicked open his Victorinox knife

  • and closed his eyes to make the incision...but slowly opening his eyes he started having second thoughts.."Nope, no time" he dug the knife into his skull and pulled the chip out.

  • Pressing on the chip, he heard high-pitched voices singing the birthday song and giggling. That day he left the employ of Singing Telegrams and became a cut-rate brain surgeon.



  1. SlimWhitman Oct 30 2016 @ 11:21

    Actually, you didn't do too badly considering PP's stipulations. Having bbrbrrbrrrbrrfffffftty onions before folding is ill-advised however.

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