Hi,my name is Steve. I was born in the suburbs

  • Hi,my name is Steve. I was born in the suburbs with 2 working class parents, a sister & a 2 car garage. I have no real identity nor do I have a clue what I'm doing. Want to go out?

  • " Sharon looked up from her motorcycle repair. Her sneer evolved into astonishment. Steve was a blank and he knew it, and he was sincere. "Hop on, babe. We'll see how it goes." Fi

  • nally, after all these years, Steve had Sharon's attention. Sharon put down her tools & jumped behind Steve on the motorcycle. Before long, they were flying down the road, their fu

  • manchus blowing in the breeze. Steve envied Sharon's red-golden fu, the way the light caught it and seemed to dance within it. His own dark black fu was now shot with grey, and

  • wrinkly. Steve ran his fingers through Sharon's fu and gripped tight. His fu was revolving. Then... clattering. A door - SLAM. Their manchus had run away TOGETHER TO NEPAL

  • is a song by Cat Stevens that will never see the light of day!" Sharon thought. Then she shamed herself for being so evil. Steve tried to fight with her and she opened her palm and

  • Said she forgave him. War was successfully averted, by a cat's whisker. Putin was relieved but remained skeptical. Shark Lady and Shark Man were the target of paper airplanes.

  • They landed at Orange Man's feet. When he unfolded the airplane there was a message. Remember how you got here. (V.Putin). Orange finally understood that he & the Sharks had the sa

  • -lad and Putin had ordered the borscht. Orange blinked a few times and rolled about on his chair as he remembered how he had gotten there. The limo driver had been surly. Could it

  • be true. . .WAS he a racist--a misogynistic, red-necked, dumber than a pile of rocks, Nazi-loving, good-for-nothing, Putin's-ass-kissing, homophobe with money? You decide!



  1. Woab Aug 21 2017 @ 09:02

    I could not resist throwing in another Blinking Orange.

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