"He thought he was dying, so he told her

  • "He thought he was dying, so he told her everything." I overheard this when I was getting my mocha. Who was dying? Who was she? What was everything? I had to follow the voice.

  • It came from a middle-aged guy sitting by the counter. He had a thin moustache and was wearing a large purple hat with a massive feather on it. One of his hands was a hook... Hook!

  • This guy sitting at the counter with the hook on his hand would peer nervously behind him as the clock ticked. He asked for Pancakes.

  • "That's Mr. Pancakes to you," said the cook. He went into the back and brought Ms. Mabel Syrup back out with him to the front of the diner, where the hook-handed man waited.

  • "I've never seen a woman as beautiful as you would be if it weren't for your eyebrows," said the hook-handed man as he stroked Ms. Mabel Syrup's cheek with his hook. Mr. Pancakes

  • bubbled with jealousy. "Actually," he said a bit too loud, "Ms Mabel Syrup's eyebrows are like twin pythons atop the Taj Mahal itself!" She raised one python, shook Mr Hook's

  • uninjured hand. They kissed. Just like one of those love-hate rom coms fresh off the assembly line of Predictability. Captain Hook & Mabel Syrup stunned the Human development class

  • With their folding stories, one of which Professor Edamski liked so much he got the whole class folding stories. Their work was collected and published by the University Press.

  • Once published, the folding stories became hugely popular in the city, and eventually the world. The creators of the stories had become very famous. Little did they know that...

  • ... celebrity had its price! Slim Whitman, the greatest of them all, was found dead in Atlantic City, having overdosed on cocaine snorted off of his last fold. It was BRILLIANT.



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    Ms. Mabel Syrup - excellent name.

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