In a lonely cave, one man lives by himself

  • In a lonely cave, one man lives by himself with his butler. He has only one friend. He decided to go fight some bad people. Espcially his arch nemesis, Joker. They fought until

  • they got hungry and went to panda express to eat..while they were there...

  • A giant panda came out of the kitchen! They soon realized that the panda was no ordinary panda. It was the panda from the movie, Kung Fu Panda! Everyone was happy to see him but he

  • can't talk

  • jaw welded together after I bit down on a jolly rancher, communication

  • breakdown..... "Major Tom, this is Ground Control, don't open the box of sweets" But it was too late and since my hands were stuck in the box of sweets, I floated in a most peculia

  • r way and grandma's macaroons look different today. Here I am sitting in a cookie tin far above the world. Planet Pizza is covered in cheesy goo, and there's nothing I can do.

  • Come in. Come in over. This is Major Dick to ground control. I've stepped through the looking glass. I'm past one hundred thousand miles and I'm feeling very still. Tell my wife I

  • forgot to unplug the iron. Right then, Major Dick was sucked into a black hole, a kaleidoscoping mass of energy running in every dimension, and when he emerged on the other side,

  • he was engulfed in a storm of shapes and colors that rattled his mind to mush. Now he would be stuck forever, never able to return home, because he forgot where home was located.



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