His or her royal highness prince or princess

  • His or her royal highness prince or princess Gabriella Amoxicillian Juniper Breeze was born on Sunday, July 22nd, 1992 to Prince William and the Duchess of Wales Kate. No surnames

  • were decided upon.The monarchy had yet to determine if & how they were going to reveal the fact that the new baby was a hermaphrodite.This was really going to complicate matters.

  • A Heirs princely duties required royal cuckoldry, while if female the Heiress was to remain chaste until crossing the threshold of her husbands bedchamber, but since s/he was both

  • christian and in the key club, he/she was a real catch. This is why the Liverwood Wizard wanted to steal the Heiress and keep her in his emerald bed.

  • He never needed to really use her but having her connected to his cause wouldn't hurt later on. Once the secret wasn't that. For now he needed to kidnap an heiress & make his emera

  • ld horse gallop faster than ever, so he fed it some Swift Carrots. Swift Carrots make your horse--emerald or not, but emerald in this case--gallop swiftly. With kidnapped heiress,

  • a loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and extra Swift Carrots (for the emerald horse), he rode off to his little shack in the Everglades. The kidnapped heiress resisted his gumbo as long

  • as the day is wide. But starvation sometimes leads to desperate measures. The kidnapped heiress reluctantly ate a bowl of his gumbo. The bouquet of flavors that assaulted her made

  • for a slurping, gulping, belching mess that no bib could contain. Later that night, the kidnappers thought of letting her go because the heiress’s farting was profanely nauseating

  • and sounded really wet. Knowing they’d drown in her shart juices, the kidnappers went to the garage for a canoe. The heiress made a break for it, trailing a brown line as she went.



  1. Ped_Xing Dec 29 2020 @ 17:29

    It wasn't her worst Wednesday.

  2. Jimbeau Dec 29 2020 @ 22:36

    TarotGuy, you slay me. I'm doubled over with laughter...or is it gas? In either case, a superb ending.

  3. TarotGuy Dec 30 2020 @ 10:48

    Thanks, Jimbeau. Your wonderful penultimate fold provided inspiration I just had to take advantage of!

  4. Woab Dec 31 2020 @ 11:36

    This was a great folding story, all around. Happy new year. I loves alla you nutty writers!

  5. Jimbeau Dec 31 2020 @ 21:00

    Back at ya, Woab. Catch you on the other side: 2021

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