That night was one I would remember forever.

  • That night was one I would remember forever. She looked so innocent yet creepy at the same time with her pale skin and bloodshot eyes. This was the first time I'd seen a ghost.

  • The white shimmering apparition floated down the grand staircase to join the

  • 48th Annual Clown Convention. His pale ghostly complexion drawing little notice in the sea of white grease painted faces. He began to

  • feel nervous. The days leading up to the 48th Annual Clown Convention he'd felt superb, almost manic. But now, staring at all these clowns the Joker felt like a fraud.

  • Scratching at his head, the Joker walks further into the 48th Annual Clown Convention. His eyes scan the crowd, and he soon realizes that despite his years of training, he doesn't

  • remember how to apply paint to his face properly. He is the only clown in the world with no make up and just a badge that says 'Bozo the Clown'. It was funny but he

  • didn't think so. For a clown, he had no sense of humor. In all honesty we wasn't even a clown but that is what people saw when they saw him and he didn't care enough to abuse them

  • with the harsh light of reality. The man himself was not fond of reality. In fact, he rather fancied himself as a clown, though he was always too shy to say so.

  • He had planned to study clowning under Boingeaux, the great French clown, but the harsh light of reality was that Boingeaux charged a lot for lessons. So he had to resume his caree

  • R as a lobotomist, and his first client was Rosemary Kennedy. Not to be confused with Rosemary 's baby, but this procedure was shocking. This makes for another folding story...:)



  1. LordVacuity Aug 19 2016 @ 20:43

    That moment in the theater surrounded by your clown colleagues when you realized they are not laughing with you but at you. You're not a clown, you're a Bozo!

  2. LordVacuity Aug 19 2016 @ 20:44

    That's right I am a Bozo but I am the Bozo that is about to shove your woopie cushion up your Jester!

  3. LordVacuity Aug 19 2016 @ 20:45

    It is possible I might have meant keester. I'm just saying.

  4. LordVacuity Aug 19 2016 @ 20:48

    Either way, that was an aborted joke that saw the light of day.

  5. Woab Aug 20 2016 @ 10:10

    Hey Futique! Didn't you LIKE any of these lines? I thought it was rather good.

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