The day he beat Diablo III for the 1,000th

  • The day he beat Diablo III for the 1,000th time, Satan appeared and offered him his right-hand man position. It seems that, at least to the Prince of Darkness, killing video game

  • players was just not that much fun. Satan didn't understand it. He was old school. A Gamer's soul was so wasted and faint, it was like 10% of a normal person's soul. What would

  • he do in 20 years when all teenagers did was sit in the dark all day and play Call of Duty? They were already on their way to a less intelligent generation...and it was irritating.

  • The Grand Bazier sat on his golden throne and asked for 3 Excedrin. There was a bottle left on the ledge, he told them. It took minutes to have everything ready.

  • A glass of water, not too cold, 3 Excedrin™ tablets, on a silver tablet. As the Grand Bazier swallowed each tablet with a gulp of water the Clock tower struck midnight & his Fairy

  • Princess dress returned to hobo rags. The Grand Bazier was no longer grand, but at least his headache was gone. He wandered down to the train tracks where the ragged people go and

  • shared a rusty can of stone & nail soup with Wichita & Calabash Willie. They said that the bull at the O&E yard in the Nickel had finally switched 2nd Car Stewy's tracks forever.

  • "That is a train that nobody that ever lived is going to miss, but I hope 2nd Car Stewy is having the open bar club car he always wanted," said Calabash Willie with a sad chuckle.

  • He raised a glass to toast his friend, his smile wide, and if his eyes seems to be watery, it was only from the dust.

  • The truth was that he had rheumy eyes all of the time because of the years he had been shooting up Sterno, the tramp's companion. He raised his bindle aloft while they cuffed him.



  1. SlimWhitman Nov 26 2017 @ 07:33

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