'It's a very blustery day' announced Pooh.

  • 'It's a very blustery day' announced Pooh. The wind tickled across Pooh's stomach & played havoc with his duodenal ulcer which lay but inches beneath. Dr. Tigger was to perform an

  • operation on Pooh's ulcer that afternoon, so to prepare, Pooh had to venture to Rabbit's garden to get the solution he needed to drink before it. Pooh hummed to himself as he

  • dug into the honey pot he'd brought along. When he got there he said "Haluuu Rabbit. I've brought you a pot of... a nice pot". Rabbit heard "Pot" & welcomed Pooh. But Poohs ulcer

  • -ative stomatitis sent painful streaks across his mouth like angry meteor showers. Rabbit looked at Pooh's lip. "Dude..." said that Old Hare. Pooh used his opposite cheek

  • to wipe his sleeve clean, his plush ursine mind a bit addled. Rabbit was similarly detained, but trying to talk Pooh down. They shouldn't have stolen Eeyore's antidepressants.

  • "Pooh, why not hang yourself with Eeyore's tail? Less messy for us," said Rabbit. Piglet couldn't stop stuttering long enough to offer advice. Eeyore became a pure depression ooze

  • Christopher Robin overheard what was happening & secretly slipped Eeyore's prozac into a cup of Earl Grey. "One last tea-time, shall we?" he said, handing Eeyore the cup. Swallowin

  • "No," replied Father Joe. "No, actually I can't. Remember, I'm a priest!" Oh yeah...in my retelling of my sinful life, I'd forgotten I was at confession. "Tell me more," said Fath

  • er Joe as he slipped into his neon yellow workout suit. He started to do his routine of jumping jacks at the gym, and pretended that people were staring at his good looks, but they

  • were staring, because the back of his pants were a little worn revealing women's underwear. I think Agent Scarn snapped a few good photos while undercover as a Zumba instructor.



  1. buddyboy4711 Mar 06 2013 @ 16:58

    Whenever I hear "talk someone down", I think from a high ledge rather than from a high, for some reason. Well, don't listen to him, Pooh! And give Eeyore his Prozac back, he REALLY needs it.

  2. PurpleProf Mar 06 2013 @ 17:18

    Something else that would help Eeyore feel better is some sugar gliders and roller girls. Might counteract some of the less pleasant side effects of Prozac. http://foldingstory.com/b4yvw/#ted9j3

  3. Zetawilk Mar 06 2013 @ 17:26

    I love these Hundred Acre Woods ones. We've got stories about there, we've got the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland ones...I like when we get to play around with established ideas like this. I definitely want to reach the source materials at some point, though.

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