Do animal have languages?

  • Do animal have languages?

  • Yes animals have languages. My cat Gibber (Hard 'G' and see photo) invented a word: "ma ah" with a glottal stop. She said this when she wanted to play laser. But that's anecdotal.

  • Although now that I digress, i might as well elaborate. You see gibber is what m cat does. If he wants to go out but plans to come back in 3 min, he makes a "ma a a a hh" sound and

  • scratches at the screen door. If I am obedient and do the cat's bidding, he might bring me home a little something extra. Last night I did well, and found on my doorstep a fresh

  • rat's tail as long as my forearm. I fried it & chopped it up into some fresh pasta I made with one of those little machines. Then the toxoplasmosis kicked in & I gave it to my cat

  • . He enjoyed it at first, but then he started choking on the tail because he couldn't down it. I used a pair of pliers to pull it out, but with the tail came my cat's liver.

  • Poor Whiskers. He was a good cat. I wouldn't let him go like this. I carried him over to see the vet. The vet tech said, "Velcom. Dr Frankenfur vill be vith you shortly."

  • Whiskers was shaking & it didn't help that a huge thunderstorm was brewing outside. Minutes ticked by like hours. "Dr. Frankfur vill see you now," the tech toned. We entered a dark

  • passageway decorated with taxidermy specimens. Whiskers was yowling and thrashing in her carrier. Thunder shook the building just as Dr. Frankfur welcomed us into the examination r

  • oom. The deafening roar sent us into shivers until Doc shared a round of tranquilizers. We spent the rest of the night, on the floor, listening to Air Supply



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